Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amazing Sale!!! Climax by Sexxa Kohl

If you’d asked me what I thought I’d be doing at twenty-two, it certainly wouldn’t be taking my clothes off for complete strangers. The world sees me as a whore and a worthless piece of trash. No one would ever believe that I am still a virgin, waiting to find love. I think I can easily say that I don’t think love is ever going to be finding me at Club Climax. 
I give the crowd what they want. For the next three and a half minutes, I dance, undress, shake my ass, and slide up and down the metal pole, in front of me I am in complete control while I am up here on this stage. The dancers make the rules at this place. That is except for the room in the far back, known as Ultimate Climax. It is the one place where all power is surrendered; the one place in this club that I said I’d never go, no matter how desperate I got. The price is just too high for me, and I refuse to sell myself to the highest bidder. I cannot afford to lose the only thing I have left… My control. 
But sometimes, the day comes when we have to do the things that we said we would never do. For me, that day is here. 
I take a deep breath, grab the door handle, and know that once I walk through that door, my whole life will forever change. 
Little did I know just how much it actually would. 

"I have had this on my TBR since Sexxa released it. And after reading if I can't believe it took me so long. Silly me I KNOW! I fell in love with the Characters from chapter one. It literally pained me to have to stop reading. When people were trying to talk to me I was giving them the death glare so they would get the gist and leave me in Peace LOL!" ~~devilcakes

This book was like a tornado, it came through, did some damage and then gets fixed, things get put back together. Raven/Blair is Jaxxson's muse, the one that he can't deny, forget, erase, let go of, get out of his system, the one that holds his heart, and even controls him, and let's get it straight, No one controls him. He is sexy, just build to be pleased and do whatever he wants with you. He does the controlling, stalking, manipulating, scheming, he does whatever he needs to do to get what is his. He is protective, scary at times, caveman, don't fight him, you will not win. Until he finds love and is loved.

Climax is a Climatic read and it will keep you breathing hard, so prepare yourself. ~~Camryn 

Sexxa Kohl is a sexy sassy Southern bitch who ADORES sex. DUH! Her favorite hobbies include burning up the sheets with her delicious husband, achieving multiple screaming orgasms in new and unusual places, and flashing her tits to the world. She proudly admits to having a tiny bit of male eye candy addiction (Okay, she's a total man- candy whore).
Sexxa both embraces and expresses her natural sexuality fully in her writing. It is her dream to, one day, stage a massive intervention for the boring prudes of the world who believe the missionary position is erotic.
Sexxa resides outside Nashville with her hot husband and their massive collection of sex toys. She aspires to spice up your world and dampen your panties.

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