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Selective/Memory (The Depth of Emotion, #2) by D.D. Lorenzo: Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Title: Selective/Memory (The Depth of Emotion, #2)

Author: D.D. Lorenzo

Release Date: April 3, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Artist: Regina Wamba,

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Reception or retrieval of only some of

 the events in an experience.

Darkness Descended…

After tragedy claimed love as its victim, Declan and Aria struggle to move forward alone. 

They each have endured hurt and devastation inflicted and influenced by circumstance.

Rebuilding Slowly…

Aria’s inner strength is brought to the surface as she regains control of both her emotions 

and her body, but Declan’s supremacy over her heart is a consequence as a result of loving 

Blatant Trivialization…

As thoughts of Aria continue to haunt him, Declan attempts to minimize their effect on 

him using whatever means possible, no matter the effect on himself or its impact on his 

An Agenda of Evil…

Revenge reigns supreme in Marisol’s agenda. Her satisfaction is found in the bitterness she 

cultivates as she grows in her contempt for Aria and her manipulations of Declan. Will she 

be successful in total annihilation of two people who have already suffered the crushing 

weight that sorrow and guilt can deliver?

Join Declan Sinclair and Aria Cole in “Selective/Memory”, Book Two in “The Depth of 

Emotion” series and witness the conclusion of their story. They will attempt to restructure 

their individual worlds, but fate continues to intervene by bringing them into the atmosphere 

of each other. Are they willing to bear love again? Will their emotions sustain the depths that 

their relationship exposed? Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to sustain a 

love that will last a lifetime?

Only Fate can Decide…

About The Author

DD Lorenzo is a modern-day storyteller. Her novels reach deep into the 

heart of readers and engage them through the emotions of her characters.

DD resides in Maryland, The Land of Pleasant Living. She met the love 

of her life in high school and decided to look no further. Together, they 

have an eclectic and amazing family. When she isn't writing stories of the 

impassioned lives of her characters, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens 

or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with 

the wonderful people in her life and riding in her husband's classic Mustang 

to the Eastern Shore.

"Selective/Memory” is Book 2 in The "Depth of Emotion" Series. It is the 

conclusion to the cliffhanger “Positive/Negativity” (she promises!). There are 

five books planned for the series. Book 3, “Here/Now” will be centered on 

character Carter Sinclair, a fan favorite. “Here/Now” is planned for release 


By D D Lorenzo


It was perfect—at least, for this purpose. This was the location. That was, after all, what she 

had come to expect, wasn’t it? Perfection. Nothing more, nothing less, and it pleased her. 

An ocean view because he liked it, seclusion because she did. It wasn’t an enormous house, 

but would be adequate for her needs; she truly didn’t consider his. She had only picked the 

ocean view house due to the seclusion, and she could make him believe that she chose it for 

him. It was all an illusion, really—as were most things for her accommodation.

The furnishings had arrived earlier in the week. She didn’t inconvenience herself for 

their arrival—there were people who handled that sort of thing—and she hated mingling 

those that didn’t matter. Money took care of them and what they did to suit her. 

As she walked from room to room, she took in some of the mediocre choices she had 

made—all for his taste—so she could achieve her ultimate goal—him.

How did that beach bitch ever stand the look of this shit? she thought as she wrinkled her nose 

in distaste at the overstuffed sofa and chairs in the living room. It was a bit more elegant a 

display than was in Declan’s home. Of course it would be—she was Marisol Franzi! Her taste 

was much better than Declan’s or his former plaything. That was evident to even the most 

Walking through the kitchen, she snickered at the coffeemaker, thinking it almost blasé. 

Did he never think of cappuccino, espresso? Did the man even remember he had been all over the world? 

The kitchen looked adequate enough, but no matter, she wouldn’t be there long enough 

to think about it—and she certainly didn’t cook! The idea was appalling.

As her stiletto heels made a clicking sound on the shiny hardwood stairs, Marisol 

ascended as a queen in a kingdom. The master bedroom suite at the top of the stairs held a 

breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean, its iniquitous waters as black as the void in her soul. 

The dark night sky held not a single star, to spare her a flicker of hope in her malevolent 

beauty. An imposing full moon cast a sinister light into the room. It beckoned her to walk up 

to the large window, which could be seen from the massive bed, the wood expertly carved in 

“Oh…the things you will see me do, Mr. Moon…” she said suggestively as she reached 

up, first one arm, then the other, behind her to unzip her dress. 

Letting it fall to the floor, Marisol made her way to the bed and crawled like a cat into 

the middle of its grand size as a contemptible shadow followed her from the window. 

Lying there, she stared out at the moon, reveling in the knowledge that she could hear 

nothing but the objectionable ocean, and that no one would be able to hear the screams and 

moans that would come from this house. The thoughts that crossed her mind gave her the 

most delicious sensation running through her veins. She closed her eyes to savor the mental 

pictures. She had been tolerant, compliant, and even passive until she felt she would scream, 

but for this, she had planned every small detail. She shivered with the intensity of joy that 

flooded her, knowing that her efforts would not be in vain, and the time was coming soon. 

She’d finally get what she had planned and waited for. Nothing—and no one—could stop 

her. No one ever could. 

When she had come to this country, and she, Marisol—THE supermodel—was created, 

they told her she’d never want for anything again—and they didn’t know how right they 

She was invincible.

She had conquered everything.

She was a vencedor—a winner!

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