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Ocean's Submerged by MA DeOlmos:Sneak Peek

Twenty-seven year old Ocean Hawthorne thought he’d known loss and pain when his twin sister Stormie died. It was his fault the world would no longer see her beautiful smile or hear her captivating laughter. The former world champion in the vicious world of MMA fighting thought he’d been through the worst and has now carried that guilt and pain with him since.

Then he met Livie Acosta. The moment he laid his eyes on the exotic beauty, he was hooked. In that split second of looking into her wild and hurt eyes, his heart began to beat again. He knew then that he would never be able to let her go… but was that the right thing for him to do? Because yet again, Ocean found himself surrounded by a familiar darkness, a pain so strong that even breathing hurt, and living felt impossible. He’d pushed too far in the effort to love and help her, and now… now he didn’t know if he’d ever see her again.

Lawrence Hawthorne has been through the ringer when it came to hurt and disappointment, but nothing could have prepared him for the possibility of losing Livie. He’d just found her and now—well, now he didn’t know what to think. To him, Livie was more than just a girl, more than just a friend. To Law, Livie was someone he needed to help and protect, even from herself, and he’d failed that simple task.

Will the Hawthorne cousins who have sworn to protect Livie survive her selfish act, or will they crumble, yet again?

Meet the Author:
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My name is Melissa DeOlmos, an aspiring author and a newbie to the world of indie writing. I live in sunny side Palm Bay, Florida with my two lovely crazies ages five and two, along with my Law Enforcement champ of a husband. I could say that writing novels has been a passion that I've always pursued, but I can't. Writing for me has always been my own secret escape into a land of wonders and opportunities.

Filled with love and so much trouble, I sometimes wonder if I need medication for the stories that pop into my head. I have now decided to share my mystical mind and stories with the world so, hopefully, others may also find that little something extra they've been looking for within my stories.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my books



“Son, let me sit in with Livie, you need to go home.”
I didn’t even bother to move, look up, or even acknowledge my dad. Two weeks I’ve stayed here in this sickening too white, too bright, and too sanitized hospital room, waiting for Liv to wake up. I wasn’t about to leave now…for what? Besides, I didn’t have a home without her.
“Alright son, Layla should be up in a little bit to check on her pain meds and IV’s. I’m heading home, goodnight son. I love you Ocean.”
I nodded in his direction so he could get the hell out. I heard him sigh out loud as he made his way out. I still loved the old man, but there wasn’t shit anyone could do or say to me to get me to leave. I wasn’t leaving until Liv was awake. If it wasn’t for Law, I would still be wearing the bloody clothes from the same night I found her slicing her arm open in our condo. I closed my eyes as the vision of my last conversation with Liv, replayed in my mind. The room door snapped open along with my eyes to see who was coming in.
It was only Aunt Layla, so I slouched back in my chair. “Hey Ocean, I see you’re still standing guard.”
I looked at her briefly to acknowledge her presence. I never felt right completely disrespecting my Aunt. I think mainly because I knew she would kick my ass for being such a dick. “You could at least shave that god awful beard you have growing in, Ocean. You have the poor nurses fearing to step off the elevator during their shifts.”
I smiled inwardly. They were lucky I took time to shower.
“Fine! I will finish up and then leave. Do you need anything while I’m here?”
“No thanks Aunt Layla, I’m fine.”
“Bullshit, your fine. You forget I amyour cousin’s mother and your father’s sister too. When you Hawthorne menhurt it’s written all over you inside and out.”
I shifted in my chair refraining from wanting to tell her to do her job and then get the hell out. I’m thankful she took me shifting uncomfortably as a sign that I was about to snap. She worked quietly on Liv making sure her IV’s were still flowing well. She checked Liv’s vitals, redressed her wounds, and other stuff.
After the incident with the male nurse they sent in here when Liv was stabilized enough for her first sponge bath, Aunt Layla taught me how to do it myself. I nearly broke the guys neck when I saw the orange half-moon shaped bucket and sponge in his hands. For two weeks now, I was the one to bathe her, brush her hair, talk to her, and play music for her. I knew once she woke up I would never be the same but I wasn’t leaving until I saw those brown eyes look back at me one last time. Or so I told myself.
I had no intentions on leaving Liv for good, but I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to stay and help her. Her attempt to commit suicide was painful in itself because I love her; what hurts me the most was the fact that I wasn’t enough for her to keep from giving up. I promised her that if she drowned, I’d drown right along with her, and that was exactly what was happening. She gave up and let herself drown. Now I’m slowly letting myself sink to eventually reach the bottom to drown and die myself.  
Aunt Layla finished up, not leaving until she felt Liv was as comfortable as possible. Last week she warned me that there was severe nerve damage done to Liv’s wrist and hand after she came out of surgery. I was okay with it, hell I’d be okay with it if they cut off her fucking arm. Just so long as I didn’t have to bury her like I did my sister. It was ten minutes past midnight andusually around this time I would turn on the playlist for Liv. I didn’t really care if she could hear it or not, but I couldn’t just sit here and wait for a miracle. I knew the music was doing something to her, because every time I played it, her heart rate would go up a little. It was a shot in the dark. Any longer seeing her stuck this way, I was sure I was on the brink of losing my mind. I picked my phone up from the side table unplugging it. I opened upthe playlist that was comprised of four songs for her, Glowing and Before the Worst by The Script; execute me by Medina, and living louder by The Cab.
I pressed play and watched the heart rate monitor. By the third verse of the first song, her heart rate went up theusual four beats per minute. I rested my head on the back of my chair and closed my eyes. I never really slept because I refused to miss anything, or be asleep when she woke up. Instead, I simply rested my eyes while listening and feeling for her to move.

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