Monday, December 15, 2014

UP IN FLAMES by Alexx Andria Release Day!

UP IN FLAMES: Sometimes the heat is all you crave.

Angel Dean knows from experience, James “Pyro” DeMarco ruins lives — because he ruined hers.
Her older sister Ashley was brutally murdered because of Pyro and Angel has never forgiven him.
Angel just wants a clean start but someone wants Pyro dead and they’re going to use Angel to get it done. Forced to earn his trust and then betray him, Angel must do whatever she can to deliver Pyro or else someone else she loves dearly is going to die.
Pyro doesn’t believe in redemption or second chances but when Angel shows up on his doorstep in desperate need of help, he feels obligated to do what he can because of what’d went down all those years ago.
But the best of intentions never seem to work out in Pyro’s world and soon enough he’s fighting an attraction that defies reason — and will most certainly end badly for them both if he’s not careful.
Can love survive the heat of betrayal or will everything go up in flames?
Find out in the thrilling final book in Alexx Andria’s Club Chrome series!


Alexx Andria is a USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary novellas and short stories with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of heat. If you're looking for sweet and clean romance, you're on the wrong page because her characters like to get a little dirty.

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